Hello and welcome to RomanceMama, Enjoying the Journey to Publication.

I am a prepublished author who writes historical romances set in England during the Georgian and Regency eras. 

I have submitted my first book to a few agents and one publisher, and I have high hopes for it.  Proof of Love is a Georgian, loosely inspired by the life of Henry Cavendish, Georgiana of Devonshire’s in-law and a renowned scientist.  While poor Henry was quite shy and anti-social, my hero, Edward Gerard, the Duke of Danesleigh, is pretty darn appealing, IMHO.  

A brief synopsis:

When Lady Susan Lanier and most of polite society caught her fiance kissing a man, she lost all faith in love. The Duke of Danesleigh, a distinguished scientist, has never believed in love in the first place.

But a duke needs a wife, and Susan needs an escape from a cruel father who can’t forgive her scandalous past. Both get more than they expect when the Duke’s theories about finding the proper mother for his heirs bring them together. Susan must step out of shadows that darken her life to prove to the Duke that love is the greatest experiment of all.


I am currently writing two more books.  One, Counting on Love, is a sequel to Proof of Love.  The other, with the working title of  Lost and Found, is a regency.



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