How does it feel?

I got back my first critiques from my online critique group (The Romance Critters — hugs to all of you!) and I am pretty much pleased.  Yes, it is hard to have someone tell you your baby isn’t the most perfect, wonderful baby in the world.  But I have no pretensions (well, yes I do, but I shouldn’t!) to know what I am doing here, and it was great to have someone tell me how to be better. 

Actually, I was kind of encouraged that they didn’t say, “hey chick, you stink, keep the day job. ”  I didn’t get trashed, and a couple of comments were even flattering. 

So I have had someone who doesn’t have to eat lunch with me tell me what they think, and I lived. 

I’d have rather they said, “Oh, it’s perfect.  Don’t change a comma” but given that this is the real world and not a romance novel, I feel pretty good!


One response to “How does it feel?

  1. LOL, ROFLMAO – Donna, when I first came to critters I was scared to death. I remember so well thinking – what if they don’t like my story? Hell, the condition it was in, I don’t know how anyone read my story. But with ‘gentle’ guidance some of those ladies have seen me from more POV switches than a train shed and Head Hopping faster than a bunny has babies! It’s tough but hang in there. No story is a bad story. All we need to do is learn to write it a little ‘better’. Another welcome to the group and I’ll look forward to reading something of yours soon. Joann

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