I was so excited this morning — I got a request for a partial from 3 Seas Literary agency through the Musetracks Agent Shop.  Wow, I am so pleased.

So I asked for the afternoon off at work, came home and polished up my query, cut and pasted, prayed a little and hit send.  As soon as I hit the button, I thought “I didn’t paste the synopsis!  Just the query and the first 3 chapters!  OMG!!!!”

So I hit an immediate resend, with the synopsis in there this time, but I figure I am screwed.  They can always find a reason not to want you, and being a pinbrained screwup is more than enough.

Crap.  So much for the big break.  Well, at least now I won’t be sitting waiting for my big fat contract. 

Illusions of grandeur?  I’d settle for illusions of adequacy!


One response to “AAARRRGGGHHHH!

  1. LOL you’re too hard on yourself. Agents are human and they undestand. Especially when it comes to authors like us. The newbies!

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