Back to editing, polishing, editing. . .

So the ms is at two contests, two agents, and a publisher.  I am working on the next one, and continuing to polish and edit the first one.  While I love writing, it is another form of work.  You do a whole lot in the trenches for the few moments of exhiliration when someone wants to read more of it or says something nice about it. 

A famous writer (Hemingway?) said something to the effect that “writing is easy.  You just open a vein and bleed on the page.”

Yeah.  And even if it is a “bodice ripper”, I bleed over it.  The thing is, I am just masochistic enough to enjoy the pain.


One response to “Back to editing, polishing, editing. . .

  1. LOL, it’s just like that. You slave and slave over your work only to have maybe a minute of real excitment when an agent request it. After that minute it’s back to worrying whether they’ll like it, if it’s good enough, etc. It’s a trip, thats for sure.

    You only posted about 3 Seas, who are the other ones? You should post that on gccrwa loop!

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