I have such good friends . . .

I have to say, I have the best writing buds in the world! I have been swapping critiques with Rita, who knows everything about commas and makes her suggestions in the nicest way possible.  I have Jennifer, who is so enthusiastic and full of imagination. Cynthia, Candace, Manda, Elizabeth, Don and the rest of the GGCRWA are so welcoming and inspiring.  And of course Sherry, who has been my friend for almost ever, and is now my writing pal.

I have been a part of many groups, many of which were largely female in their membership, but I have never felt the kind of camraderie and support that I have found in the romance writers of the Central Gulf Coast. (which is kind of sad considering how many church groups I am dissing, but there you are!)

The Romance Chix are encouraging, supportive, and caring. I am proud to  call each of them — and Don, our romance hero! — friends.


One response to “I have such good friends . . .

  1. LOL I wish I could be enthusiastic right now, I’ve been in a pissy mood for the last four days. Everytime I look at one of my books I cringe. But you are more than right, our group is amazing and full of amazing people. Hopefully I’ll bounce out of my mood soon and be enthusiastic again soon. Also you and Sherry check out the Heather Graham(spelling) writers conference. Paula is going and I’m trying to talk Cindy and Casey into going.
    Jennifer/Sayde Grace

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