Excellent book for writers

I found an old book at the library — Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Browne and King, copyright 1993. It is fabulous! It actually explains why things work and don’t work, and gives you examples of good writers doing great things, and great writers doing bad things, so you can see for yourself. I am about to go through my novel and rip it apart and rebuild it with this book by my side.
Cannot recommend it highly enough! See if you can find a copy. Then again, if you write Georgian/Regency romance, don’t find it. Leave it for me to use — I need all the advantages I can get!

And now I will go find todays treat for the visual —

Captain Kirk!

cloverfield premier 5 170108


One response to “Excellent book for writers

  1. LOL so Carter didnt do it for me but WOW I love this one. He can captain me anytime! Eye, Eye Captain!

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