Stop Playing with It!!!

So I have a request for a partial from Scott Eagan of the Greyhaus Agency. Great! But I can’t seem to stop messing with my manuscript!!!

I keep trying to improve it, make it perfect. Of course, you have to edit and improve things — everything you send needs to be the best it can be. But where is the line between editing and fidgeting?
I’m not sure I’m improving it. I am just changing it. But until the darn thing goes in the mailbox, I think I am going to be worrying at it like a sore tooth. I wish it was morning so I could take it to the Post Office and then it would be beyond my control.
Of course, for all the playing with it and fiddling with it, as soon as I mail it, I will find a typo. Never fails.

Let’s see if the gods of computerdom will let me upload the incredible Billy Zane from Titanic (bad boys are always so much more interesting than the hero!)250481~Billy-Zane-Posters


One response to “Stop Playing with It!!!

  1. SEND! I do the same thing, but I’ve finally stopped. Now I write it, edit it, read it, edit, send to you guys to critque, edit again, then SEND. After I’ve done the corrections from you guys I don’t look at it again. Or at least I try not too. Right now I’m eyeballing a partial that has to be sent today.

    But I will share one example of a reason you really should look over it one last time before you send. I sent my short synopsis to at least 5 different people to critque, only one of those five picked up on my last line where I spelled Lifes as Lives, and only AFTER I’d okayed it to send to an agent who requested a partial! Oh well, if that’s why she rejects me than she was too picky for me anyway :).

    As for the eye candy today, YUM. He is hot no matter what character he plays, but I do love him in that tux!

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