Writing As It Should Be

Here for the past few weeks I have been down in the mud and dirt, wrestling every single word and phrase out of my B-I-witch of a Countess for my WIP. She won’t come across with anything without making me work for it. (Then again, she’s pretty much treating the Earl the same way.)

But yesterday I went to the Gulf Coast RWA meeting, and then the Southern Sizzlers had a meeting at Barnes and Noble. (Aside: “meeting” is far too formal a word for what the Sizzlers do, but let’s leave it at that.) I got to bat my story and my pitch around with some of the most talented ladies I know.  Then tonight, out of the blue, the Countess put on a nice dressing gown, poured some tea,  and invited me over to the Abbey to dish. She finally started telling me what happens — she was cordial, even witty. (I think the Earl is  gonna get lucky here!)

So why can’t it always go that way? It was fun. I got lost in the flow of it  and just let it happen. There is nothing enjoyable about sitting in front of a screen, going, “And then what did you say????” to a figment of my own imagination. It makes my kids look at me funny.

I honestly think that I require the input from the lovely ladies of GCCRWA and the Sizzle to get me gping. I know, writing is a lonely pursuit, and it all eventually comes down to me putting my butt in my chair and doing it. But when the old well runs dry, my friends get things flowing again.  I love those women! (and Don, our male member too!)


So, here’s the inspiration for the Earl of Garth Celyn — whatta ya think?


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