Saturday Greetings

Guten Morgen, meine kinder! At least, I think I said “Good Morning Kids”. My college German has gone the way of many aspects of my life — use it or lose it, as they say.

LIfe is good chez Ro’mama. I actually drove. All of 3/4 of a mile from my house to the Dunkin Donut to get brekkies for DD#2’s sleepover. But the freedom of being in a car, with no one to tell you where to go or where to stop! It was exhilirating! And now I am sitting here with an actual shoe on, not the boot like Bella wore to the prom, and while my foot hurts, I am dealing with it.  One must suffer to look good.

My dear friend and partner in crime SFCatty referred me to a wonderful writing tool this week, and I want to share it with you. Go online and find Y Writer. It lets you outline your chapters, store character descriptions, move scenes around — everything but act out the love scenes for you. (Dang it.)

Now I will admit the first few minutes on it were accompanied by a bit of foul language and throwing things at the cat. But once I got the hang of it, it really helped me organize the WIP. So I am charging back in to wrestle a few hundred more words out of my H/h this morning.

Oh, and happy birthday Alan Rickman! He can come read Shakespeare sonnets to me any old time he wants to.


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