Paging Miss Muse!

I am still fighting tooth and toenail with my idiot H/h in the historical/paranormal. For some reason, I can think up the story lines for every one of their relatives, friends, and minor acquaintances, but when it comes to actually settling down and finishing the WIP, the muse is making me work for it.

At some point, should one stop trying to force the Muse to talk, and just back up, set the WIP aside and start something new? How does one find out whether she’s reached that point? I’m not sure. On the one hand, I don’t want to set aside 25,000 words, particularly when I had to pry them from the Muse’s greedy fists with a crowbar. On the other handm I am not enjoying it the way I enjoyed writing about Susan and the Duke. I have a day job, which frankly causes me all the worry and grief I need. My  writing is for me, something I do because I want to. When I look at the keyboard and want to do anything, up to and including cleaning the bathrooms rather than try to get Anne and Rhys down in print, is it just another “have to” instead of something to free my spirit?

It’s not that the story is going badly, not exactly. I have the basic plot outlined, some good ideas for scenes, and I feel like I have a better grasp of their character traits than I did in w S and the D. Still,  it just isn’t flowing. So how long should I struggle to paddle against the current?


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