At Last, Progress!

Yall, I have been fighting with my Marquess and Lady Anne for weeks now. I was having to get down in the mud and wrestle the words from them; they would not tell me anything about their story unless I paid for it in blood. So different from the loquacious Lady Susan in my last one — I couldn’t get her to shut up most of the time. It was just a matter of keeping up with her and typing it all out.
But Lady Anne couldn’t figure out the Marquess, and the Marquess wasn’t communicating with either of us, so I was typing and deleting, typing and deleting. It reminded me of that quote (forget the writer) to the effect that “Writing is easy. You just sit at your keyboard and open a vein.” There was blood on the HP, let me tell you!
Then, one night, the Marquess woke me up — from a much-needed sleep, too — and decided it was time to fill me in on who he is. Turns out he isn’t from Wales, he’s from Yorkshire. He isn’t a lonely recluse — he’s actually very active in Parliament as a reformer, but he doesn’t allow anyone to get close to him because of his guilt over — well, you’ll just have to read the book!
Because now, I can tell there is actually going to be a book about the Marquess and Lady Anne. No more vein-opening. It is flowing at last.
Now I can sit down and knock out a few scenes a day, where it was taking days to do a paragraph.
Oh, it feels good when the characters start to tell you their stories!!!


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