Published is Published

Something exciting happened this week — at my day job, if you can believe that! (Muc of my day job involves reading USDOE grant paperwork and similar documents, so excitement is not something I expect there.)

I was just reading along, deep into a contract for funding summer school for non-English speaking migrant children, when I got an email. I belong to a national professional group that has an eloop where members share advice about situations they are dealing with. I had answered an inquiry a while back about a rule of ethics/evidence and my experience with it. The editor of the group’s newsletter had seen my memo and was writing to ask me to write an article on the issue.

Now, consider, people. I have been merrily sending off my regency novel to agents and publishers.  Some good requests, but not “the call.” I was doing the old, “Geez, is it worth it? Why don’t I just do like I used to and write the darn things for fun and not try sending them anywhere? I don’t need the rejection.” And then, unexpectedly, someone told me that I  can write.

I mean, I know I can write. I write all the time. Way back when I was in school and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I won a couple of honors for my legal writing. But I was getting worn down by the submission/contest process and starting to really doubt myself.

I really needed someone to like my writing and give me a little encouragement (besides the Sizzler chicas, they love me so I can’t trust their judgment!) No, it isn’t a sale to Avon, but it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I’ll take it. For now.

And one day, it is going to be an email or call from a non-law publisher. I know it is.


One response to “Published is Published

  1. Congrats on your request! The public loves you! BTW, it’s not just the Sizzler chicas that think you have talent, I do too. 🙂 Yes, we love you but that doesn’t mean you’re not brilliant!

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