2 AM and I am Bored. . .

Once again with the insomnia thing, Dang, this is getting old.

I am pleased to report that I knocked out 1200 words on my WIP before my brain remembered that it was too tired to think straight. However, I have to say that when the exhaustion hit, it was like running into a brick wall. I stopped the scene in mid-curtsey, unable to remember what Lady Anne wanted to tell Miss Mormott. 

I did successfully tap into the insomnia thing to write a scene where the Marquess is staying up all night working to avoid (cue eerie music) dreaming of his late wife. (That last part works best if you read it in a kind of Vincent Price voice.)

I hope this darned thing is turning out like I envision it.  I grew up on the Victoria Holt gothic romances where the sweet young girl, generally an orphan, marries the rich nobleman with . . . (da da daaa!) A SECRET. I am trying to channel Victoria’s muse and write a kind of gothicky-regency-paranormal thing. What does one call that? Is there a contest category called gothicky-regency-paranormal?”

Well, I’m hoping. I am at least enjoying the writing right now. And since my Marquess is based on the very appealling but somewhat gothicky Jason Isaacs, I am able to call it working when I watch Harry Potter or The Patriot.


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