Sometimes You Have to Bite the Bullet

I had gotten lazy. Comfortable. My computer had been working great, and all through the hardware world, life was good. So I got complacent about the backups and emailing myself my WIP regularly. Seemed like things had been going well, and always would.

Then, the horror! In cleaning up files and stuff, somehow I seem to have done something that ended up erasing about 18,000 words of the WIP. When I try to recover it, the computer says that the wordcount is still there, but no words show up on the screen.

And yet, after throwing a pity party for a few hours, I am kinda glad it happened. As yall know, the WIP had been giving me plenty of trouble. Just couldn’t make things happen. I had changed names, locations, GMC, etc. til the thing was a mess.

But being me, I couldn’t make myself throw the baby out with the bath water. I kept trying to go forward, even though I wasn’t completely sure which way that was.

So the computer glitch made me do what I should have done weeks ago. I have started anew, this time with the concept much clearer in my mind and ready to go on paper. Now I am making some good word count and the damn Marquess and Lady Anne are being cooperative this time around.

So it is all good. Gonna throw it out for my Sizzle Peeps to give me their comments tonight. And see where we go from there.


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