Exciting Ways to Not Write!

Here we go. I sit down in my writing chair, with my Jane Austen doll and my scented candle, ready to put my hero and heroine through their paces, when the little mail icon at the top of the screen starts calling my name. Not a problem to check my mail, surely. I have to. It’s part of the writing process. After all, I may have gotten a new rejection letter from my latest round of submissions. So checking my email is working. Yes, of course it is.
So I go to Yahoo and check both emails, my real name one and the one for my pen name. Oh well, nothing from an agent or publisher, but I spend a few enjoyable minutes looking at pictures of cute kittens my cousin sent me, read the latest from two or three blogs I follow, get an update on my RWA chapter activities, and read a fascinating discussion of Regency profanity from the members of the Beau Monde group.
Well, at least most of that was writing-related. I can use one of the curses in my new book (I’m leaning toward “Oh fustian!) Then a new message comes in — one of the Sizzlers (www.southernsizzleromance.wordpress.com, if you don’t know about us) has found a really delicious picture of Gerard Butler to share. Well, heck, that is writing-related. Inspiration for my latest Marquess, dontcha know?
But now, since I am on the net, why not check in on twitter? OMG, I there’s a tweet I just have to respond to. And let’s take just a quick peek at the trending topics. Important to stay up on what my potential audience is talking about.
So after reading several tweets about s reality-show star’s love life, I am ready to start the next scene in my book. Wait. Oh fustian! I have spent over an hour here, the DDs are whining about wanting supper, DH is saying “Let’s take a walk. All you do is sit in that chair and write,” and I realize that my goal of getting 1500 words into the seduction-in-the-stable scene is not looking so good. At least not til the girls go to bed. Which may be close to midnight, since little one has an essay she forgot to write after school. And of course, guess which parent gets to help her. That would be the one who calls herself a writer, obviously. DH, being a musician, will help her with her drum practice after the essay is done. Oh, and if anyone thinks you can write while a middle schooler is practicing drums, just bring your laptop to my house and show me how you do it.
So I shrug and figure that 478 words is a good accomplishment, cause I am tired and Steven Colbert is coming on. Plus I just bought the new Cynthia Eden, and I have to start it. That’s clearly on task.
And that is how I roll.
I won’t even start with this nasty little invention of the Devil called “Stumble Upon” that DD#1 introduced me to. It is a time-sucker of gargantuan proportions. (Seriously, If you value your writing time, do not google Stumble Upon. If you do, hey, I warned you.)
I’m sure all of you are much more disciplined than I am. But is there something — online or in the real world — that keeps sucking away your writing time? Let’s share. “I’m Arabella S and I am a Ditherer.” “Hi, Arabella . ..”


One response to “Exciting Ways to Not Write!

  1. I think most writers have that same problem. I’m my own distraction. I’ll be writing and think…hm, maybe I should look this up. I start researching which is totally writing related, then I see something interesting while I’m researching and then I’m off on a tangent that lasts for hours. In between all of that, I’m e-mailing, tweeting, and posting on facebook. I think that’s just a writer thing, lol.

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