Getting in on the Ground Floor

One of the really exciting things about hanging out with writers is that you get to know famous people, as well as people who are clearly going to be famous in the fairly near future.
I mean, through my local RWA chapter, I have gotten to know authors who make the best seller lists — names you would all recognize from the shelves at Barnes & Nobles, as well as from the Sony Ebook Store and Fictionwise. This is so incredibly cool to me –I know people who actually get paid to write stories! As a voracious reader since the age of three, I think of authors like some people think of actors or sports stars.
And then, even more exciting is the opportunity to get to know people who are on the verge — just about to break through and be big time authors. But they sit there with you, talking about the things you deal with, like how to get your kids to pipe down while you write, how to give your mom your ms without the love scenes in it, and other major problems of the writing life. But all the time you are thinking “OMG, with her talent, this chica is gonna be BIG!”
So today I want to tell you about two of the nicest newbie authors I know, one who has her second book coming out in print shortly and the other who is getting ready for the eformat release of her first book. And I am telling you, write these girls names down, link to their websites and most of all, start reading their stuff — cause you will be in on the ground floor of two major careers!

Vanessa Kelly
I met Miss Vanessa Kelly first through Twitter, then in person at the fabbity fabulous Silken Sands Conference, where I bought her first book from Zebra Historical Romance, Mastering the Marquess. She is just as sweet and down-to-earth as you would want anyone to be, so I liked her from the first tweets we swapped. But then! I read her book, and this girl has way incredible depths to her!
Meredith, the heroine in MtheM, is not your typical Regency bimbo — she doesn’t even want a voucher to Almack’s; she just wants to get her little half-sister taken care of by sis’s estranged noble family.But of course, the half-sister has a strikingly gorgeous relative who is intrigued by the outspoken, opinionated Meredith. Unlike some romance heroes, Silverton has depth of character and comes across as a real person. You will love them both.
I am now deep into Vanessa’s second book, Sex and the Single Earl (is that not the greatest title in the history of Regencies???) and it is even better. I’ll be reviewing it as soon as I finish — which will probably be around 3 tomorrow morning — I’m staying up late reading it! S&tSE hits bookstores in May — don’t miss it!


SaydeGrace’s ebook comes out in May as well, and let’s just say: “Cowboy Kink – Riding Double” — if that doesn’t give you the idea about where she’s going with this contemporary western, nothing will.
Sayde is just the nicest girl you could hope to meet, and underneath all that wholesome South Alabama farmgirl veneer is one of the wildest, most erotic imaginations I’ve ever met. Her writing is funny, HAWT, and so full of detail you may look for the horse apples on your bootheels. You don’t read Sayde’s scenes, you see them. (Show not tell, as all the workshops tell us!)
So head on over to Wild Rose Press next month and get Riding Double! I don’t even like westerns, but I loved it. (One of the main benefits of being one of Sayde’s crit group is I get to read her stuff before yall!)

So that is my scoop on new and exciting authors — you really want to start following them now, so you can be #2 fangirl — myself being, of course, #1!!!!!


7 responses to “Getting in on the Ground Floor

  1. Oh wow! I had no idea I’d get a plug here! YAY! Thanks so much lady and I am so putting Ms. Vanessa Kelly on my to buy list. I love historical romances 🙂 And you are so on the “About to Break Out” List too!!

  2. Romama! I didn’t know you had your own blog! It’s going in my blogroll.

    Yup, I’ve been seeing Vanessa Kelly’s name a lot lately and she’s in my TBR pile. I love a good Regency and am always looking for new authors to try.

    As for Saydegrace…meh. I’m getting that book for the cover alone. Yowsa!

    • Ja, I have this personal blog in addition to the Sizzle Site. I haven’t been doing much with it, but when I won the arc of Vanessa’s S&tSE, I thought, I really ought to tell everyone how wonderful her stuff is. She does really classy, traditional G Heyer style Regency action but with nicely done love scenes that GH would have never written.

      And as for Sayde, what can we say? I’ve told her, they will probably put on my gravestone that I was a friend of renowned author SaydeGrace. My claim to fame.

    • Lol, you’re too funny. You should have seen the first draft of the cover. You’d have run away!

  3. Oh, my gosh! You are the sweetest person on the planet! I’m so glad you enjoyed MTM and are enjoying my Sexy Earl. And you have articulated my dream description – GH style Regency with love scenes!

  4. And I’ll keep an eye out for Sayde, too. I get my new Kobo in the mail in a few weeks. I can try out some Cowboy lovin’!

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