Summer Book Club!


Do yall remember Summer Book Club at the library? When I was a kid, our local library did a promotion every year where you kept track of the books you read and got points to win valuable prizes — usually bookmarks and stuff like that, but it was the winning that was important.

I lived way out in the country, so the every-other-week bookmobile visit was a highlight of the summer. It had a stop in front of my grandma’s fish bait store, and my brother and I would check out the limit of six books each every time. We would chart our points and cash in during the last bookmobile visit of the summer in August.

And I have to salute my mom — she never went to college, worked clerical-type jobs all her life. But she was certain that “anything you want to know, you can find in a book.” She encouraged us to read anything and everything. Looking back on her sweet little Baptist-church-centric life, I can hardly believe the stuff she let me read. Peyton Place when I was ten???? Of course, I didn’t really understand a lot of it, but I knew it was not Sunday-school approved.

So it was with excitement that I saw an announcement by Sarah with Smart Bitches/Trashy Books that she is doing a book club this summer. Click on the link under the banner above to join in.

The first book is one I am really looking forward to — Tessa Dare’s One Dance with a Duke. If you read Tessa’s series that began with Goddess of the Hunt, you know her historicals are a treat. I follow Tessa on twitter, and I recommend that you do too — she has a wicked sense of humor and oh-so-much knowledge about the book world.

So I’m gonna sign off of the blog and go sit by the pool with a white Sangria and One Dance with a Duke. See yall at the bookclub!!!


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