Ro’mama Recommends: Ten Things I Love About You

Ten Things I Love About You
By Julia Quinn

According to her author bio in the back of the book, Ms. Quinn is a Harvard and Radcliffe graduate. Being a product of a state university in the Deep South, I am kind of awed by Ivy Leaguers. Just to be smart enough to get admitted there is a major life accomplishment.

And Ms. Quinn’s IQ shows in every one of her books. I don’t mean that she spouts off about quantum mechanics, although (unlike me) I bet she knows that that is. I mean her dialogue is brilliant. You can really believe that these are witty, stylish members of the Haute Ton carrying on their clever conversation, swapping bon mots with ease. Seriously, some of her interplay is Oscar-worthy. (That would be as in Wilde, not Hollywood.) You have to love a grandmother who tells a heroine to marry the Earl and fool around with the heir on the theory that “If you have the wrong baby at least it stays all in the family.” Very Lady Bracknell.

One response to “Ro’mama Recommends: Ten Things I Love About You

  1. I lo-o-oved Ten Things I Love About You. It reminded me of why I love Julia Quinn’s books so much. You’re so right, the dialogue is so smooth and…well, perfect for the time period that I could forget about modern society for however long it takes me to finish the books. I’ve been a fan of hers since Splendid and I just can’t stop latching on to her next book with a grip worthy of G.I. Joe (you know…the Kung Fu grip?)

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