The Necessities of Life

I had to do something I hate this week — I spent a large sum of money on myself. Don’t get me wrong, I will go to Target or Talbots or World Market and gleefully buy lots and lots o’ little stuff. But when it comes to the big ticket items — the things that cost in the hundreds, I am very reluctant. I don’t like to spend that kind of money unless it is something really necessary or something for the whole family. But yesterday I had to do it.

I had been writing for years, just playing with it, never keeping anything or actually finishing anything much. It was just something to keep my ADD self amused. But the DH got tired of hearing about how I could write a better book than . So one evening he just went and got me a little HP mini. Lord, I loved that little machine, and I did two books on it in about 18 months.

But over the Memorial Day weekend at the beach house, the HP busted a hinge. It had gone here, there, and everywhere with me, and it was showing the strain. I spent the next three weeks tethered to a lapdesk at my house, trying to use the poor thing without doing fatal damage to the hinge mechanism. But I couldn’t throw my computer in my bag and write on the fly, during lunch, while waiting for the DD’s, etc. It was bringing me down.

So yesterday a friend who does computer stuff brought me a coupon, and I did a spur of the moment purchase. I didn’t even tell DH I was doing it til it was done. I did this because I simply couldn’t keep going without my writing.

And with my real-time career, two teenagers, a husband, two cats, and the six politicians I work for, I have no time to sit, butt-in-chair, and write like a sane person. For me to get anything done, I have to be portable and flexible. I have to carpe the diem whenever I can.

So the chubby little woman in the carpool line writing a steamy regency seduction scene will be me. Cause the writing is necessary, and I have to have whatever equipment lets me do it.

What about you? Is there something you just have to have?


One response to “The Necessities of Life

  1. It’s funny you mention this. I was just thinking yesterday that I might look into getting a mini. I have a laptop, but it’s so bulky that I don’t take it with me. And since I’m going to Nationals and I KNOW I’ll want to blog and everything, a mini would be perfect…I think. Plus, if I have any great ideas during the workshops, it would be fabu to have my writing with me. *sigh* But like you, I don’t like to spend that kind of money on myself. It just about killed me to buy a car two years ago and if it hadn’t been for the gas prices going up, I wouldn’t have. That’s how bad I am about big-ticket items.

    But the writing…ah, the writing. It almost makes big purchases a necessary evil.

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