Lazy Summer Days

When you grow up in Florida, it seems like almost all your memories are of summer. After all, there isn't much in the way of other seasons. There's hot, damn hot, OH DEAR LORD IT'S HOT, not quite so awful but still hot, followed by two or three days of winter. Then you start the cycle all over again.

But these lazy hazy days bring back a lot of memories. Watching the DDs get out of school and prepare for long hours of doing nothing makes me nostalgic for the days when I got to hang out and do nothing.

Now my DH insists that the girls need to "do something" during summer break. We send them to summer camp, to music classes, to visit family so that they are not "wasting" the summer. But you know, some of the best things I remember about summer were pretty much a waste of time. There was nothing better than just hanging around letting the world pass by, reading and listening to music and sometimes not doing anything in particular.

Now that I have a day job and two teenagers and church responsibilities and organizations I am in, not to mention trying to wedge my writing in there amongst all that, I don't get much vegatating time. What say we all take a bit o' time and do nothing in honor of Summertme?


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