Strange Holidays

It’s gonna be a strange holiday for the Ro’mama family this year. DH’s cousin just got home last month from a lengthy tour in Kuwait. So the extended family -aunt, cousins, etc. – planned a big trip to have Thanksgiving dinner with DH’s brother in Chicago.
The plan was to take in a couple of shows, hit the big parade, and of course shop at the few tiny little stores they have in Chicagoland. Seriously, that place is shopper heaven!

But then DD#2 got cast in the local little theatre Christmas show – she’s one of the twelve little girls in two straight lines who live in an old house in Paris that is covered with vines. And of course with opening night in just over a week, they are having rehearsal on Black Friday. So she and I are going to go to my brother’s house for the day and eat the big feast with his family.

This means that, for the first time in 25 years, DH and I won’t be sharing turkey and dressing followed by a three hour nap in front of a Christmas DVD. (We don’t do pro football, but save our strength for the FSU-UF game that weekend.) It’s gonna be weird.

On the one hand, I will really miss DH and the oldest baby. And I was really fortunate in my choice of inlaws, so I would love to get together with all of them. But —-

Chicago is the dang coldest place I have ever been in my life! We had a high of 85 here in NWFla yesterday, and I cannot bear the thought of twenty-degree weather, even for a long weekend. How my SIL, a nice Georgia girl, bears it I will never know.

So all’s well that ends well, I guess. Except that I was kinda looking forward to the TSA search process — as long as I get to pick which agent does my pat down!


One response to “Strange Holidays

  1. LOL It’s very strange how holidays work out. This is the first year of my brother’s marriage and we discovered our family won’t have him for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Yeah, it’s disappointing because he’s quite the favorite in the family, and okay, so there’s some jealousy about my sister-in-law’s family getting him, but we’ll survive. *sniff*

    Happy early Thanksgiving. I’ll be watching the Saints game once I roll myself to my sofa 😉

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