Ok, the official announcement is on the Chick-Lit Chapter website, so I can say it: my chick-lit, Desperately Seeking Darcy, finalled in the Get Your Stiletto in the Door Single Title category! OMG!

I’m gonna brag a bit here — the judges were tres flattering, and the comments were fun to read (a change for me!) One said that she picked it up with the “Oh, God, another 21st Century woman in love with Darcy” attitude but that my story and characters overcame it and she ended up loving it. One judge said that she wants to read the finished book, because she wants to spend 400 pages with my heroine, Cassie!
Have to give a shout out to my buddy Jamie, who read the first draft and told me Cassie was a b!tch and I needed to make her nicer — one of the judges said the only problem with Cassie was that she was a little too perfect, and I needed to make her a little less appealing! LOL – as always, you never know what a judge will say!

So in less than a month, I got a contract for my historical, finished Nano, and finalled in a contest. Yes, this is shameless bragging, but considering all the early mornings crouched over my keyboard, wondering if there is any point at all because I am going nowhere …. I’m gonna indulge. Y’all bear with me. I’m sure there are plenty more rejections to come, so I’m gonna ride the wave when it comes.


One response to “SQUEEEEEE!!!!

  1. Congrats, sweetie! You ROCK! 🙂

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