Muse Monday: Ya Gotta Have Friends

My dear muse, Bridget, is feeling quite content these days. She loves Christmas, with all the sensory delights of the season. I’m sitting here breathing in the sweet evergreen scent of a sparkling tree, eating chocolate truffles my dear SIL sent me, listening to Michael Buble sing carols. Life is indeed good.

And one other thing that makes Bridget be a good little productive muse is getting together with other muses. So she and her fellow imaginary beings all gathered up with the writers whose heads they occupy at this weekend’s Gulf Coast Chapter Christmas party.

I started going to chapter meeting not quite 2 years ago, and I have come to love these crazy, creative women like the sisters I never had. So from Bridget and me to the Wild Women Writers of the Gulf Coast Chapter, “Merry Christmas!”


One response to “Muse Monday: Ya Gotta Have Friends

  1. Aww, I hope y’all had fun! I know for a fact, you guys have an awesome chapter 🙂

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