Muse Monday: Victoria – Find Your Bliss

Now, some of you may suspect by now that I am an unabashed Anglophile – a devoted fan of all aspects of that green and pleasant land. I am proud of my English heritage. Let others have their Columbus Day, their Cinco de Mayo, even their St. Paddy’s Day. I will sit here enjoying my tea and scones whilst they do so. After all, we ruled the world, and that was no mean accomplishment. So it will come as no surprise that anything named after the dear little queen, our own Victoria, is quite peaches with me. Victoria stands for everything proper, serene, beautiful and British.

My muse, Bridget, gets really turned on by anything that reminds her of our shared heritage. (Despite her Celtic name, Bridgie is as English as mutton pie.) That is why, sometimes, when she has been very, very good, I will reward Bridgie with a copy of Victoria magazine. She sits and drools over the sumptuous photos of pretty places and elegant things. And it makes her want to sit down and tell me about the things my characters would do in these posh surroundings.

If your muse, like Bridgie, thrives on all things bright and beautiful, the next time you are in the bookstore, flip through a copy of the current Victoria. It’s a charming tour of the world my characters inhabit, where I wish I lived too.


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