TunesDay: The Dixie Chicks

For my TunesDay posts, I’m gonna take a song or two from the playlist for one of my books and tell you a little about what they symbolize and why I chose them.

You do have playlists for your WIPs, don’t you? I cannot imagine writing a book without a CD of songs that speak to the Hero and Heroine’s journey. Now, as the pantser I am, I may revise said playlist along the way, but the music gets me into their heads quicker than anything else I can do.  For example, I can imagine my poor Lady Susan, unable to find a man worthy of her, in her room late at night singing “Holding Out for a Hero.” It helps me figure my people out.

So — this week, I’m listening to a heavy rotation of “Tonight the Heartache’s On Me” by the Dixie Chicks and “I Can’t Fight this Feeling” by REO Speedwagon.  I’d like to give you a little background on them.

If you read my books, you will start to wonder why something crappy always happens to the Heroine at a party. Parties are supposed to be fun, right? Well, for my Heroines, not so much. And I’ve figured out the reason for that — heck, it wasn’t hard, even for a non-psychologist like moi.

Flashback to my senior year in High School. I was dating Jerry (not his real name — I would never dated a Jerry, though I’d consider a Gerard.) But turns out Jerry was more interested in me as a way to get back his former girlfriend, one of my BFF’s. By dating me, he made her jealous, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

So on graduation night, he convinced me to leave the big drunken party, as he was looking out for my well-being. (“It’s gonna get pretty wild here, and I want you to go home before that starts,” yada yada.)  Then as soon as I left, he apparently hooked up again with Marie (again, not her real name, but a name I like.)

So a frequent theme in my stories is the happy girl at a party who gets hit right between the eyes with the treachery of her supposed loved one. LOL! Who needs therapy, when you have Word 7.0????

So, to the Dixie Chicks: “Could have heard a pin drop, when they walked through the door/I had to turn my eyes away/my heart fell to the floor/someone whispered ‘where’s her halo?’/she had an angel’s face/you stood there, smiling, holding on to the one who took my place.”

From poor Lady Susan finding her fiance in flagrante at a rout to sweet little Cassie finding out her Mr. Darcy has serious issues, parties are never good news for my ladies.

Next week, a happier note with REO Speedwagon.


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