Monday Muse – Taking it to the Streets

We all know how difficult this writing life can be. Especially for those of us – all ofus, I daresay – who have lives and families/friends, resposibilities and s forth, its a struggle. When you finally get “half a mo'” to sit down and put hands on keyboard, your muse is AWOL. God knows, my dear Bridget picks my rare free minutes to schedule her mani/pedis.
So I have to continually find ways to cajole Dearest Bridget back to work-mode. And one of the best tricks is seeking out new places to write.

Bridget gets terribly bored with the same old, same old. We have that in common! Last week I was faced with the normal demands on my time – rushed home to take DD#2 to tutoring, had to cool my heels outside the tutor’s office, and then fly home to do the supper frenzy for DH and the girls. How could I be expected to get in my wordcount on day like that?
In a word, flexibility. As I dropped DD of at the college, I noticed some nice little picnic tables under the trees. Bingo!
I sat out in the luscious NW Fla Spring weather, listened to the birds chirp, and worked on the big scene where my hero tells the heroine he’s been in love with her for years.
Bridget, so pleased at being taken out in public made free with the inspiration, and I turned a wasted hour into 1200 words on the WIP.
Don’t let inability to be in optimal writing conditions get in your way. Try taking the writing with you. I’ve even gone so far as to –shudder — write longhand in a noteblook when there is no power for the net book. After all, if Dear Jane Austen could rock a quill, I can too!
So, grab your WIP and hit the streets for an impromptu writing session. Bridget highly recommends it!



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