Tunesday – REO Speedwagon

20110419-023104.jpg So last week I talked about the Dixie Chicks and a song about heartbreak. This week I’m a little more cheerul. The song my muse has fixated on this week is by the good old 70’s hitmakers, REO Speedwagon, and it’s about finally figuring out what you want and seeing that is was right there in front of you. Which is sort of the story of my heroine’s life in my chick-lit WIP.
It is really good when you find a song that crystallizes how a character is feeling — it helps me focus my mind and crawl inside their brain to write realistic dialogue (external and internal). And for this WIP, Can’t Fight The Feeling does the job.
The song tells about fighting against admitting how you feel about someone, and then finally giving in. Once you admit that “what started out as friendship has grown stronger,” then you forget why you’ve been fighting it in the first place.
I was watching GLEE with the DDs one evening when Cory Monteith (as Finn) did a cover of Can’t Fight this Feeling, and the minute I heard it, I realized that it was exactly what my heroine Cassie is going through in the last half of my book. So I have both the GLEE version and the REO original on my ipod.
If you’re having trouble fixing your character’s mindset in your head, I highly recommend finding a song that expresses it — use that writer’s work as a jumping-off point for your WIP.
Next Tunesday — What is it that Meat Loaf won’t do for love?<


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