A Package Fit for a Prince

Most of you, dear readers, know that I blog with several of the greatest romance authors in the South over at Southern Sizzle Romance. And if you know that, you know that I will, upon occasion, post a picture of an attractive man over there. In fact, my official contribution to the Sizzle is the every Wednesday “Wetsday,” wherein I provide a photo of a hot man swimming, surfing, sweating or in some other state of dampness. I do not suffer from mental illness — I’m enjoying every minute of it!!!

But the Sizzle, being a group blog, likes to maintain its PG (okay, PG-13) rating. And while I’ve got some dandy photos for Wetsday today, I found a couple that are NSFW but are simply too good not to share.

So, for the brave of heart, I give you the Pride of the House of Windsor, the last remaining available British Prince, His Packageness, Harry!!!



Oh, and BTW, If you were looking for the Monday Muse and Tunesday, my Muse, Bridget, sends her heartfelt apologies, but she got all ambitious and we finished my 90,000 word Chick Lit over the long weekend. So she’ll be back next Monday and Tuesday with a discussion of the care and feeding of Muses, and with the truth about what Meat Loaf won’t do for love!!!


4 responses to “A Package Fit for a Prince

  1. Wow! Where do you get your pictures!?! lol Having to fan myself!
    Not complaining either! Please. Keep them coming.

  2. Oh my prince harry!!!

  3. No way! Way?

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