Countdown to RWA — Update Part I

Not running the Friday Foto, today, meine kinder. For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be giving you a little update on my preparations for the RWA National Conference in NYC starting June 27. And, as you may recall, I have indicated my intention (damn, I write like a lawyer! LOL.) to lose 10 lbs of ugly fat before I hit NYC. So, here’s the 411 as of this week!

Diet Report: All was going great. Have already lost 5 of the 10 lbs, so it was all looking easy-peasy, rice-and-cheesy. Then … My dayjob has a predictable cycle. Once every month, the agency I work for meets to approve contracts, memoranda of understanding, and other legal documents. Each and every one of these has to go through me, and I have to stamp them saying that I read them, they are legally proper and sufficient, and that basically nothing horrible is going to happen if the Board approves it.
And June, my little darlings, is the month when two planets align in a most inopportune way for me. First, it is the end of the fiscal year, and everyone has got to spend their budget funds, or they will obviously not need so much next year. This results in a few (!!!) contracts for me to read. The other factor is that the school year has ended and it is time to adopt all the policies, agreements, and other items needed for the next academic year. Again, this produces a few (!!!!!) legal documents for me to read.
So yesterday was the deadline for June. OMG. I have read roughly 96 documents, all of which were several pages, written in legal boilerplate, in the past 5 days or so. And when deadline hit yesterday at noon, all the people who hadn’t gotten things corrected and back to me were frantically trying to get me to do their document RIGHT NOW.
I lived through it, but then I went home and ate a big old bowl of pasta, drenched in butter, coated with parmesan, and liberally seasoned with garlic. I know exactly where that craving came from, and it was a case of emotional eating, pure and simple. When I was in middle school, and (as with all middle school girls) people were mean to me, my best friend and I would cook up a huge pot of pasta and eat it with butter and cheese. Carbohydrates equal love, when you are a depressed, hyperhormonal female.
After the pasta binge, I slept from 500 pm to 630 am. Kind of like hibernation, I guess.
So now I am trying to get back on the wagon. Fruit and H2O for lunch today, I guess.
I’m over being mad about having to be on yet another diet. Life isn’t fair, and had I been born with this butt in the correct era, I would be one hot ticket. But I still have to do what I can to be a 21st Century woman, however much my heart (and ass!) belong to the Regency!
Tomorrow, Part II will cover my logistic preparation for RWA11 — iPhone apps for travelers, great ideas for packing, etc.

Bis morgen, meine Schatzchen!!!



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