Mi Vida Loca!

Good Saturday Morning, my darlings! Here I am, 44 hours away from my flight to NYC for RWA11, and I am doing my best imitation of a one-armed paperhanger. So little to do, and so much time, as Willie Wonka would say — wait. Stop that. Reverse it.

In addition to the crazy mad week I had, with 4 (count them, 4!!!) meetings of the School Board, my router thingy that I don’t understand has been doing odd things. At least that is what my IT department, also known as Dear Hubs, tells me. I think he may have turned it off so I would stop squeeing everytime I got a tweet from a friend who’s gonna be at RWA.

Suffice it to say, things are mas loca in my normally vida muy loca. But I managed to get up here to the coffeeshop to sign on and check in.

Having run my comments from the Blog Hop through random.org, I am pleased to announce that the gift certificate to Champagne Books e-store goes to



I’ve gotcha e-mail addy, so it’s coming to you!

See y’all in Yankeetown!!!


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