Cassie Seizes Control!

Well, hey, everybody! Arabella is off in New York, being all Miss Author and everything, and once again, she has not even paid attention to her responsibilities. That’s one thing the Duchess and I agree on – Arabella would be lost without us, both in terms of writing the books and keeping up with her day-to-day chores. So I’m gonna step on up and do the blog for her.

And to take care of the etiquette stuff – I am, after all, a well-mannered Southern girl – my name is Cassie Grace, and I’m a plain old 21st century character. In the book Arabella wrote about me, I lived in Atlanta and a little tiny town you’ve never heard from, Oswald Corners, Georgia, which is just over the state line from Arabella’s hometown, Tallahassee. I’m in Texas now. Regular world traveler, LOL.

You know, in my book, Holding Out for a Hero, Arabella had me spend a little time in NYC with his Gorgeous Britishness, Mr. James Holwood. Had a fabulous time at the Plaza, got all gussied up at the Spa/Salon thing there, and went out for dinner and a Broadway show. It was pretty high-class for a preacher’s daughter from the Georgia wiregrass. Course we all know how that turned out . . .

No, wait, y’all don’t! Duh, I forget sometimes that right now I pretty much exist in a hard drive on Arabella’s computer. Is that weird, or what? So I’m begging y’all, get Arabella a chance to talk to an editor. I feel like Pinocchio or the Velveteen Rabbit or something here: “I want to be real!”

The least Arabella could do while we’re here at RWA11 is introduce me to some of her friends’ characters. That guy Liam in Jillian Chantal’s book looks pretty hot, and there were Regency dudes all around at the Beau Monde party. But noooo, she always ignores me til she needs some dialogue or something. And since she finished my story, she keeps yelling at me to get out of her head and let someone else have a chance.

Well, Arabella is about to wander off in search of free books. She can be such a mooch, but then again, if I had a corporeal existence, I’d be in there grabbing for some romance novels, too. But I have to sign off the computer when she leaves the hotel room.

Seriously, people, help me out here! Don’t let me stay a figment of Arabella’s imagination forever. Her head can be a scary place!


One response to “Cassie Seizes Control!

  1. Love Cassie. Hope you’re having a great time in NYC and at RWA. A pic of your hotel made the news. It (and others) are under special watch because of the hotel attack in Afghanistan.Please get some great pics! Can’t wait for a report in July. Rita Bay

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