Six-Sentence Sunday: Proof Of Love

Happy Six-Sentence Sunday! Here’s a bit from my Georgian historical romance, Proof of Love, coming Fall 2011 from Champagne Books. Here, the Duke of Danesleigh is discussing his marriage plans with his friend, Lord Martyn – and he’s less than romantic about the whole thing!

“I’ll not treat her badly. I shall hardly treat her at all. If everything continues according to plan, I will offer for her, marry, and have an heir. Except for that, she will have her interests, and I will have mine.” He remembered that sudden desire to make her smile, the thought of her in his bed, but put that out of his mind. “I really don’t see that there will be much interaction at all beyond the necessary, if you understand me.”


18 responses to “Six-Sentence Sunday: Proof Of Love

  1. Wow, what a stiff! I hope his desire gets the better of him. Interesting six – I’d like to read more.

  2. I can’t wait to read the rest. I will be first in line to buy it! Or virtual line at least. ; )

  3. Ouch. He’s a bit on the cold side!

  4. I’m sure glad we don’t live in that era! It sounds like there’s a possibility the Duke will thaw out a little. You did a good job hinting at that.

  5. Sounds like the perfect marriage to me.

  6. Oh, the rat. Glad to know he’s going to experience a bit of a thaw. 😉 Great six.

  7. …”the necessary”… well, gee, that’s romantic (sarcasm here). Of course, if it’s early days yet, he’ll have plenty of time to eat those words. 🙂

  8. And of course he’ll be proven wrong! Sounds like a very good read. 🙂

  9. I think his public facade and them his internal thoughts, will be interesting to see how this develops. A great six! Thank you.

  10. Is he trying to convince himself in that last line?

  11. Monica Enderle Pierce

    Sounds like the poor girl’s gonna have to endure a lot of nothing before the Duke comes around.

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