OMG. This is Real.

Y’all, I am starting to get excited here. As I may have mentioned, oh, two or three (thousand) times, my first book is coming out in November from Champagne Books.  Houston, we have a firm date – November 7, 2011, is a day which shall live in famy (the opposite of infamy). On that date, my Georgian historical romance, PROOF OF LOVE, will go on sale. Now all of y’all mark that on your little calendars, get your credit cards warmed up, and be ready to hit “order,” okay?
This week I found out that my name is now listed under “Our Authors” on the Champagne Books website. I have verified that my book will be included in a coop ad in the December issue of RT. I’ve heard from the marvelous Kat, the Executive Assistant at Champagne, that Ellen, my publisher, will be turning her talented attention to my book in the very near future. My cover could be coming at any time now. I even got asked to judge in an RWA chapter contest as a published author.
In other words, SQUEEEEEE!!!  This thing is really happening! I keep having to stop and remind myself that I am awake, I am (fairly) lucid, and that it is all 100%, verifiably, REAL. 
I don’t ever remember not being able to read.  My mom says that I was reading fluently by the time I was three, and I know that when I was four I had to read Luke 2 (King James Version, no less) in front of the whole congregation at the church Christmas program. So books have always been there, a part of my life. My friend, advisor, and solace. Because of that, authors have been celebrities to me. I didn’t care that much about the pop star du jour, but I always knew who was at the top of the NYT fiction paperbacks list.
And now, while I am very far down the pecking order from my idols, I can truthfully say that I am an author. I know I have had been bigger accomplishments: getting married, having my babies. But on the professional side, this is above even passing the Florida Bar, graduating Magna Cum Laude, and successfully prosecuting a local politician (and putting her in jail!) I am truly proud of what I’ve created, and truly humbled by the realization that I now share a profession with those authors who’ve meant so much to me over the years.

And I’ll say it again:  SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!


2 responses to “OMG. This is Real.

  1. Double SQUEEEEE!! I’m so happy for you!! Rita Bay

  2. YAY!! But really? As important as whipping that politician?

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