A New Legal Pad



I have an odd quirk. Yep, just one. (Those of you rolling on the floor laughing out loud, just shut up and stick with me.) Ever since I was a little puppy lawyer, way back in the Neolithic Age, I have had a thing about legal pads. Yes, those ugly yellow ruled notepads. See, I love them, and I feel happy when I have a full cabinet of legal pads, all wrapped in their shiny cellophane, waiting for me to use them. Who knows what I might write on those virgin pages? Maybe a winning brief for the Supreme Court, maybe a bestselling romance novel. Who knows? The fact that mostly I write grocery lists and notes to keep myself awake during boring meetings doesn’t keep me from hoping.

But I don’t like — can’t stand, actually — a partially used legal pad. A paralegal I used to work with used to joke that she never had to order legal pads; she just came and got the half-used ones out of my desk drawer. It’s just my little weird trait — I love and adore using a fresh, untouched notebook.

And this lovely new year is sitting here, like a clean, just-unwrapped legal pad, waiting for me to fill it up with whatever dreams and realities I can fit into its pages. That makes me happy, too — everything we’ve done wrong, or half-finished, or put off til later gets a fresh new start now. I can’t wait to see what we can come up with!


2 responses to “A New Legal Pad

  1. Oh, i agree ! Legal pads always make me more creative.

  2. Love your story. I prefer white pads and push myself to use all that paper so I can have a new one. All my supplies are stacked in a 3 x 4 cabinet that has a set of dividers with a black drape over it to hide the contents so it looks like a piece of furniture but I know all that new stuff is there just waiting for me. Rita

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