Everybody’s Got One…

Hi. I’m Arabella, and I write Romance Novels. (Hi Arabella.)

Sometimes I feel like there ought to be a twelve-step program for writers. God knows, it’s an addiction, this pouring our souls out onto paper. It isn’t like most of us make the big Steven king- style bucks. We get about as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield; Just ask my kids how they feel about Mom’s writing if you doubt me.

After having met with a really positive reaction to my first novel, Proof Of Love, I thought I was, as we say in the South, someBODY. As in, my bodily waste is not odoriferous, you know? I thought I was all that, plus a bag o’ chips, with a pickle on the side.

Then tonight I dropped by a book website to see my cover (I like just visiting it, you know?) and what do I find but – shock and awful! – a new review, which kindly points out that the author didn’t like my book.


But you know what? I had planned for this eventuality. Given the snotty things Mark Twain said about Dear Miss Austen, I knew this day was coming. I was ready to retire to the shore, to live out the rest of my days in a small cottage, forever mourning the unfortunate circumstance of an unflattering review. But, no. Didn’t happen.

After reading the review and checking to see the writer’s other posts, I’m cool with it. If someone wants to make a life of telling writers how crappy they are, well, good for him/her. Ain’t gonna bother me tonight, as the song goes. I prefer to concentrate on the people who have told me they liked (even loved) my book. And I am too busy writing my next story to worry about every stray opinion out there.

And hey, no matter what, that reviewer paid me for the right to read my story. Call me whatever you like, just be sure and call me when the royalty checks go out, yaknowwhutImean?

I shall simply close with a quote that has come to mean a lot to me in this crazy world of publishing:

Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat – TR Roosevelt.


One response to “Everybody’s Got One…

  1. So right you are, Arabella. Often, those who don’t do teach or critique. Congrats to you for a marvelouos book. Rita Bay

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