Fan Mail? Me?

Stupified. Absolutely gobsmacked. Astounded, dumbfounded and flabbergasted, even. These are the only words that come anywhere close to describing my feelings over the past week or so. You see, after living in the Valley of Writerly Despair for so long, I have suddenly chanced upon a mountaintop, and I’m not completely sure how to react.

Y’all may recall, if you’ve dropped in on my little bloglet before, how often I’ve bemoaned the fate of a writer. I’ve toiled long and hard over my little stories, and I’ve sent them out into the great harsh world with no one to protect them from the big mean haters who would criticize them and judge them unfairly. I’ve told you about the rejections, the times I’ve decided to quit with the whole silly business. But I couldn’t, you know? I had to keep writing. Those people in my head are very insistent.

And over the past week or two, I’ve finally gotten to see the other side of the deep dark valley. This week has made it all worth the effort. Sunday, one of the members of an eloop I’m in mentioned that she was in the top whatever of romances on Fictionwise. Hmm. I’d never thought of checking to see how my book might be doing. After all, it’s my first book, no one knows who I am, etc. But I surfed on over to Fictionwise and –!!!! O.M.G. Dear little PROOF OF LOVE, my first novel, so dear to my heart, seems to have made its way into other hearts as well! It was sitting right there, pretty as you please, at #9 in romance and #11 for all fiction. Shee-yut, y’all! I’m a best-selling author!

But better than that, absolutely the greatest reward for all the lonely hours at the keyboard, was the email I got today. I’m gonna quote it, because, basically, it is the greatest thing anyone (other than DH and my daughters) has ever said to me. I took out some of the identifying details, but basically, here’s what it said:

Dear Arabella,

My name is Patti and I am a friend of your sister-in-law Jane.

Anyway…. I just wanted to tell you that I read your book, Kindle edition, and thought that it was great. My only criticism was that it ended too soon, but I see that you are going to write another. Jane said that you are in the process of writing something else right now but you should get back to your “other” novel sometime.

I just wanted to kinda of give you, not that you need it, an atta boy. There are those of us that happen to read this genre when we aren’t in the mood for heavy reading and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks again!

Oh, wow. Yes, I am deep into writing my second historical. After all, my public is waiting!!!


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