Take Your Muse to the Beach



Let’s think about your muse for a few minutes. She’s done a lot for you, hasn’t she? She’s right there with you, giving you ideas and encouragement, helping you create lovely little stories. Oh, I know, she can be moody and obstinate, but isn’t that the way truly creative people (and goddesses) behave?

Remember that time — I’m sure there’s been at least one — when you had no idea where you were goin with a story, and suddenly your muse swept in with a fabulous idea that made the whole thing gel like your mama’s congealed lime salad? She took a bunch of stuff you didn’t know what to do with and turned it into something glorious. (That’s your muse and the story, I mean. Not your mama and the lime salad, though I guess the analogy holds.)

And what have you done for your muse lately? If you are like me, you’ve griped and moaned that she wasn’t just little Johnny-on-the-spot everytime you got ready for her to inspire you. You’ve complained about how tempermental she is, you’ve neglected her, criticised her, and taken her for granted.

Well, with treatment like that, just how cooperative do you expect your muse to be? When’s the last time you did something really nice, something you didn’t have to do, just to let her have a good time? What have you done to show your appreciation for all those nights she worked away as you slept, getting the tangled threads of your WIP into order for you to move forward?

Ladies (and gentlemen, too, for that matter), it is time to show your muse some love. What could be better, here in the bleak doldrums of February, than to plan her a trip to the beach? And not just any beach, kids. I’m talking about the Western Gate to the Sunshine State, the Emerald Coast, where thousands live the way millions wish they could — Pensacola Beach! The home of white sugar sands, warm waters gleaming in the sunshine, and lots of delectable Navy fly-boys playing volleyball on their days off.

Add to that a fabulous line up of writing seminars and workshops, agent and editor pitch sessions, a come-as-your-characters costume ball, and some of the friendliest fellow authors you could meet anywhere. I’m wondering why you haven’t already made plans to take your muse to the Silken Sands Conference 2012, hosted by the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

Need the deets? Check it all out at http://www.gccrwa.com/silkensands/

And to further whet your muse’s appetite for beachin’ it, here’s a shot from the hotel deck:


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