Chip, Chip, Cheerio, Mate!

Well, good morning from Old Blighty! Yes, the dream of a lifetime has come true — Romancemama is rocking London this morning!

There was some doubt about whether I would have to turn myself in at Scotland Yard — the thought of murder crossed my mind several times yesterday morning. The DH, he of the Scrooge McDuck tendencies, decided that the economic way to get from Gatwick to our hotel near Marble Arch was to take the train and Underground. He checked with our travel agent, who assured him that would be no problem.

Well, yeah, in theory. But she must have been thinking that we packed like normal people, not like people with two teenage daughters. There we were, with one normal size and three massive (and I mean that literally) suitcases, four carry ons, three purses, two pillows, two snuggies, assorted jackets, coats and hats — Ma Joad and the kids, heading to Cali-forn-eye-aye. And I, as a government lawyer, have bitched and complained about the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) for years, because it makes us provide all kinds of ramps and elevators that never actually get used. But I take it all back. Would that there was a Brits with Disabilities Act — the Tube is one series of long, steep staircases after another. Down with the luggage, up with the luggage, through automatic gates with the luggage… And then, DH, who was truly trying to be helpful (or maybe just truly trying!) left some medical equipment I need to sleep at night somewhere on the Tube.

By the time we got to Marble Arch, I had reviewed the plots of all the Rom-Susp books I could think of where the gorgeous wife kills her husband for the insurance money — although I was willing to forgo the double-indemnity by that point!

But once we got to the Tower of London, all was forgiven — I scoped out the crown jewels (“They’re not for sale, ma’am”), paid my respects to Nan Bullen and Dear Lady Jane Grey at the site of their executions, and had myself a Cornish pasty for lunch. Then on to Shakespeare’s Globe in Southwark, which was a thrill for my little drama queens. They were also relieved to see that the Millenium Bridge has been repaired after the Dementors got to it — or as one DD said, perhaps the Ministry of Magic simply did a Confundus Charm to make us think it is still there!

So here’s the DD’s in front of the Millenium Bridge. On to Buck House, Harrod’s, and the Jack the Ripper tour today!!!!



One response to “Chip, Chip, Cheerio, Mate!

  1. LOL! The ministry of magic covers up their tracks pretty well..

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