I Just Don’t Know …

Ok, y’all. Sometimes I just don’t know how realistic I’m being. I have the fairly prestigious day job. (At work, I frequently quote Bridget Jones: Yes, I’m very busy and important; what do you want?) I have the bulk of the legal responsibility for a corporation with 6000 employees, 41,000 clients, and a sh!tload of family, friends, and interested parties.

I give it my freaking all, all day at work. Then I come home and I try to write stories about interesting people having interesting inter-personal relationships. But, crap. I don’t know if I truly have anything to say, or if anyone really cares to read my little scribbles.

Tonight I am indulging in the time-honored tradition of the overwrought pity-party. Maybe tomorrow I’ll buck up, stiffen my upper lip, and carry on.

Then again, maybe not. And it won’t make much difference either way.


7 responses to “I Just Don’t Know …

  1. Pity parties or no you have real talent. I NEED to read your other stories. Rita

  2. I think everyone finds it difficult to keep their motivation up all the time. What I do when I feel like this is think, ‘could I stop and be happy?’ And at the minute the answer is always no. If you can, try to write for yourself and not for others, then you are your own motivation..

    • LOL! I tell myself I would be better off if I just forgot about writing – then a character pops into my head and I just have to put her down on paper. Thanks for the reminder – I would, in fact, go nuts without writing. (Though some might say it really hasn’t helped that much!)
      Love ya!

  3. Keep Calm and Carry On.

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