Thursday Thought: I May Say It at Any Moment Now

Y’all, this has been a helluva week here at Ro’mama’s palatial estate, Malfunction Junction. I had to go to 3 (yes, 3!) Godawful work meetings this week, got called everything but a child of God by some disgruntled folks at the dayjob, and generally worked my widdle fingers to the bone. I needs some sympathy. Or at least another bottle of wine.

But I found a quote on the internet that is perfect for my week so far. As you know, I’m all about teaching you Yankees, Limeys, Kiwis and so forth all about life Down South here on the Emerald Coast, where thousands live the way millions wish they could … (Sorry. I was channeling the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce.)

Anyway, here is exactly what you need to know when a Southern girl has not gotten the treatment she deserves —-



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