Thursday Thought: Susan Spann


This week, my crit group was discussing how easy it is to become envious and disillusioned when poorly-written books seem to flourish and writers who excel at their craft get rejection after rejection. Then one of my fabulous #SFWG colleagues, the incredible Susan Spann reminded us:

The key is remembering that paper boats get swamped by waves, while tall ships sail right over them. Write like a tall ship – and try to ignore the flotsam and jetsam along the way.” –Susan Spann



2 responses to “Thursday Thought: Susan Spann

  1. Aww, thanks Bella! I’m glad the words could inspire. It’s what I told myself (and still sometimes do) through all the years of working to get agented and through the process. It’s a long, hard sail but determination gets you there!

  2. Elizabeth Krall

    I love the photo, and the sentiment. I fear my own novel has indeed been swamped, for whatever reasons — but I like the phrasing of this advice.

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