Friday Film Festival: ENTITY

A very special post today, my darlings!!! Romancemama’s baby girl, aka DD#1, will be home from Italy tomorrow! And since the child made an “A” in her class at University of Florence, I’m expecting some good grub here at Malfunction Junction.

Yes, that’s right. DD#1 got college credit for a cooking class. She made tiramisu, risotto, cannoli, and all those other lovely dishes ending with a vowel. Yum!

And not only that, her homecoming coincides with the release of the trailer for her movie. That’s what I said: DD#1 starred in a movie. ENTITY from East Bay Entertainment is a retelling of the German Slenderman stories. Scary!!

Y’all take a look at this – that’s my baby girl playing Morgan (and doing the screaming).


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