Friday Foto: Now This I Need!

There is a stereotype about writers — we are all supposed to be a bunch of drunks. And this is one of those really annoying stereotypes that is based on an unfortunately valid foundation. Just hang out with a few of those lady-like, restrained, prim-and-proper romance writers for a while. (Please note sarcasm here.)

We joke about drinking being a natural part of the writing life — who out there hasn’t chuckled over Hemingway’s famous advice: “Write drunk. Edit sober.” When faced with either a rejection or (more rarely) THE CALL from an agent or publisher, I always respond with Napoleon’s words of wisdom: “In victory, you deserve wine. In defeat, you need it.”

And kids, while in many areas of my life I try to maintain the genteel standards of the Regency nobility to which I should have belonged, I have to admit, I drink like a tuppence ladybird at Seven Dials picks her clients. As in, I have few standards.

My dear friend and fabulous author, Ms. Jillian Chantal (who has not one, but two new releases this week, which you can find out about here: has been known to give me a bit of disrespect about my crappy taste. Yes, I will cheap wine. And until I write the world-wide bestseller that I know is in me, I shall continue to do so.

Ms. Chantal, having joined me in consuming wine from a box I purchased at Target more than once, has discovered an accessory that I simply have to have. I don’t know how I have functioned this long without it, and frankly, I am upset that I didn’t come up with the idea my own self.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the ultimate Romance Writers’ Fashion Statement: The Wine Box Purse!!!


You KNOW you want one!

And as our Eton-and-Cambridge/Oxford-Educated heroes would put it: In vino venustas.*

*In wine, there is style!


2 responses to “Friday Foto: Now This I Need!

  1. Super star style accessory. You can rock it, My friend. And yeah, I’ve been known to share wine in a box with ya.

  2. Ha! Very funny. I watched a clip on TED where Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the reputation writers have and how she’s uncomfortable with it. It’s a brilliant piece. You can find it at Enjoy!

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