Do It for Ana


I’m in a piss-poor mood tonight, my darlings. But I hope that telling you the story will actually do some good, and maybe keep other people from having to feel this way in future. If so, at least a tiny bit of good will come out of this crap.

Some of you know that in the day job, I am a lawyer for a local governmental agency. About 5 years ago, I closed my law firm, took the plunge, and became a bureaucrat. And I like it. I deal with a lot of interesting issues. As I look at it, having been born out of my proper place and time (a Duke’s daughter in Regency England) and thus unfortunately having to work for a living, this is as good a gig as I can get.

When I started at my current job, the Twilight thing was at its hottest fever pitch, and one of the ladies in my office found out that I had a soft spot for sparkly vampires. She was a Dark Shadows fanatic, and since I had a picture of Jonathan Frid on my wall as a teenager, we hit it off right away. One of the first fun things I did with anyone from the office was the night Ana and I went to see Twilight together.

After that, we were buddies. Not call each other any time of the day or night type friends, but friends, just the same. I liked her. I thought a lot of her — just a really good, down to earth person. The kind this sad old world could use more of.

If you had come up to me at that midnight showing of Twilight and told me that one of us wouldn’t live to see the last movie in the franchise, I’d have laughed at you. Ana and I were young — Well, we aren’t in our 20’s, we both have grown kids, but we aren’t old. Not by a long shot. If anything, Ana was cute and thin and very healthy, while I have a few extra pounds here and there. But we were BOTH gonna keep going for a long time.

Tonight Ana is in hospice. She has breast cancer. She fought it, but it fought back. And even though she is cute and healthy and very young for her age, she apparently isn’t going to see the big finale where Bella Swan goes vampire on the big screen.

For some reason, it was that realization that brought it home to me today. My friend isn’t going to be here.

I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m confused. Most of all, I’m ready to start preaching. Y’all get your God damned mammograms. This is the second time someone dear to me has lost a fight with BC, and I don’t want to ever do this again.

If you won’t it for yourself, or for me, do it for a lady who loved God and dogs and vampires and life. She would want you to.


One response to “Do It for Ana

  1. Damn. Damn, damn, damn. So sorry for your friend, and sending you BIG Noo Yawk hugs.

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