A Southern Ghost: You Know He Likes the Girls


Generations of naval aviators have enjoyed Pensacola’s Southern hospitality, and generations of Pensacola girls have enjoyed the naval aviators. They don’t call my town “the Mother-in-Law of the Navy” for nothing!

One of the happening spots for navy pilots in training over the years has been Rosie O’Grady’s in Seville Quarter. Where there are lots of young men in Navy uniforms, there will be lots of pretty young ladies. And where there are lots of pretty young ladies, even the guys without uniforms want to be there.

So a young fellow named Wesley always hung out at Rosie’s back in the 1990’s. He just loved the ladies he met — so much so that he got eventually got a job as a bartender there. There are slightly different versions of exactly how poor Wesley met his premature end — the most common story is that, while cleaning up after closing one night, he slipped and fell in the walk-in cooler. When no one came to his rescue, he died of hypothermia.

But however he died, there is one thing we do know — Wesley never left. He’s been sighted in the men’s room, the cooler where he died, and the bar area. But, given his preferences in life, it’s no surprise that he has settled in where the girls are — the second floor ladies’ room! Lots of women claim the water there turns on or off unexpectedly or the hand dryer switches on without warning. Some even say his spirit pinches their rear ends as they fix their makeup in the mirror!

One evening a while back, a young lady excused herself to go to the restroom. Naturally, her friends had to fill her in on the legend. While she was in the restroom, she began talking to another lady, telling her the story, but she couldn’t remember the ghost’s name! Frustrated, she said, “Oh, what the heck is his name?!?” And both of them clearly heard a soft male voice say, “The name’s Wesley.”

If you spend any time in Pensacola, be sure to have a drink — or several — at Rosie O’Grady’s. And ladies, if someone gets fresh with you, don’t slap that Navy pilot — It might just be Wesley!



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