Drumroll Please!!!

(Cue playing of Fourth Quarter Fanfare by the FSU Marching Chiefs)

Yes, my darlings, it is time for an announcement! I’ve been sitting on an incredible secret for over a week, and y’all know old blabber mouth Romancemama has been just about crazy with it! And then today, when I got the go-ahead from the involved party, I was at work , writing the massive brief from hell. (Not a gala, an intimate date, or a love scene in it!)

So now, having at last gotten to my lunch break, I can finally say it:

I, Arabella Stokes, author of Women’s Fiction with Sassy Southern Style, have an agent! I am now represented by the fabulous Allison Hunter with Inkwell Management. Allison and Inkwell represent some incredible authors, and I am overwhelmed to be amongst this illustrious group!

So, dahling, if you need anything from me, have your people check with my agent!



2 responses to “Drumroll Please!!!

  1. Still so bowled over by this news. What an incredible feeling it must be that you have “big guns” now, working on your behalf. Way to go, Arabella!

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