Get In the (Virtual) Hot Tub!

One thing you can count on with Romance Writers — we are a bunch of dirty old (or occasionally young) women. You should be a fly on the wall when my local bunch of writers gets together for lunch! You can bet that there will be mention of at least one Hemsworth, one (or more) actors from James Bond movies, and the odd BBC or Canal Films star before the entrees even arrive.

For several years, one of my dearest friends, the romantic suspense author Jillian Chantal* and I have had an ongoing discussion/game at our lunches: The Virtual Hot Tub. The origins of the Virtual Hot Tub are lost in the misty reaches of time (and middle aged woman brains), but the idea is quite simple: Imagine yourself a hot tub. Then name who gets to be in it with you.

We’ve had numerous British and Australian Actors, a few pop stars, and other celebrities visit our virtual hot tub. There was one particularly luscious actor who played a werewolf in a series of films who was deemed to young to actually get in the hot tub, so he became our towel boy. On the very rare occasion, we even noted that someone we knew IRL was hot-tub worthy, but that could get awkward.

I’ve had various companions in my virtual hot tub over the years, but one gentleman is not only consistent in his presence, he gets the honor of sitting right next to me, in front of the hot water jet. Today, please make welcome my special guest in today’s Virtual Hot Tub, my future second husband, my darling Mr. (Fitzwilliam/Mark) Darcy, Oscar Winner Colin Firth.


(A little known fact is that I was in fact just off stage during this photo shoot, making sure that Mr. Firth had plenty of hot water, cold wine and (wink, wink) anything else he needed.)

*And, btw, if you haven’t read any of her books, you are totally missing out. I recommend Lover, Doctor, Baronet to start with, but frankly, just order any of her books from Amazon and I promise, you are in for a treat.


2 responses to “Get In the (Virtual) Hot Tub!

  1. Aww. Thanks for th shout out dear. And as you know, my fav hot tub man’s birthday is today. My darling Mr. Rickman.

  2. Crazy blog won’t let me “like” this.

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