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A Most Gratifying Reception – by Guest Blogger, Her Grace the Duchess of Danesleigh


My dears, I once again turn to this odd laptop device to communicate my thoughts. Please pardon me for any breaches of “Internet ettiquette,” though I must say such a phrase seems contradictio in terminis, do you not agree?

But I digress. (As my husband points out, I seem to do so quite frequently. Silly man.) As I was saying, or typing, I have commandeered dear Miss Stokes’ computer apparatus to “blog” my thoughts to you. (Again, I must say that is a most unfortunate word. It sounds like “blunder” and “frog” smashed together. A disturbing mental image, no?)

I want to thank each of you for so graciously welcoming the Duke and myself into your homes. Miss Stokes is quite excited this evening – it seems that her book about my husband and myself has hit the bestseller list upon something called Fictionwise. As best I can tell, this is some sort of electronic book shoppe, and Miss Stokes work is being sold there at quite an amazing clip.

While I know that in general, the success of her book is the result of the genteel yet interesting life led by the Duke and myself, I must admit that I am pleased with the way in which Miss Stokes told our story. Except, of course, for what I call the “naughty bits.” I am quite sure that these more intimate details should have been omitted. Still, the Duke assures me that such things are commonly discussed openly in today’s society, and, as they say, “When in Rome…”

(I am beginning to question my husband’s judgment regarding modern morals, however. Last night I caught him listening to Miss Stoke’s “iPod” whilst some person called Nelly Furtado sang about being a promiscuous girl. My dears, I nearly swooned! Merely research about this bizarre era, His Grace assured me. Hmph. We shall see.)

Alas! Miss Stokes is returning to the sitting room to “log off” for the evening. I must fly, mon chers! A bientot, and thank you so much for reading Proof of Love!!!

The Duchess Returns

​Once again, my dear ones, it is clear that I must take a hand and lend my assistance to dear Miss Stokes. Dear girl that she is, her time management skills – well, I shall not find fault. As my husband the Duke says, I cannot judge a lady of the 21st Century by the standards of our day.

​Although, as I observe the world in which Miss Stokes lives, I believe that there is something to be said for those standards. During the reign of George III, we lived a more genteel, polite life in many ways. I cannot believe that Miss Stokes emptied the dust bins yesterday! And that after a full day of attending meetings, writing legal documents and so forth. Why, I took to my chambers with a dreadful headache after watching her! (Which was most disappointing to His Grace, I must tell you!)

​But enough of my observations. I believe that Miss Stokes’ practice is to share a photograph with you each Friday. (I refuse to use the phrase “Friday Foto.” A disgrace to the King’s English!) I do not care too much for photography; I prefer the more graceful depictions of reality produced by painters. Therefore, today I share with you one of my favorite works, Mr. Reynolds’ portrait of my friend, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. I feel that the artist captured dear Georgiana’s personality quite well, although my husband says she looks like she has a poker up her … posterior. Upon reflection, I believe we are both correct!


And now, mon tres cher amies, I must take my leave. Dear Miss Stokes has a great deal of work to do, poor child, and I must surrender the computer to her. (Such a clever device, do you not agree? The Duke is absolutely fascinated by the operation of the thing. Sometimes to the point that his “surfing” quite annoys me. Ah, well. At least he is amused.)

A bientot, my loves!