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Skipping Midnight with Laura Kenyon

Good morning, all! I’m chatting with Laura Kenyon over on her Skipping Midnight blog today. Why don’t you pop over and see what we’re up to!
(And you might win a free book!!!)

Thursday Thought: Avery Flynn on RWA

Some writers manage to say exactly what I’m thinking both stylishly and succinctly – two traits I adore in writing, but rarely achieve. But when someone says it all, you should just step to the microphone, introduce ’em, and get out of the way.

So, by way of introduction: y’all know I’m a member of RWA, the Romance Writers of America – the national organization, my local chapter, and a couple of special interest chapters online.

But over the past few months, either RWA or I have changed. It used to be the greatest, most supportive organization, and I looked forward to every meeting. Now… Let’s just say: Not so much.

As to part of that change, I invite you to read a wise and well thought out blog post by fellow romance writer Avery Flynn, found at

Then tell me: what do y’all think?