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Friday Foto: The Miracle on Ice

I remember exactly where I was – and I’m pulling for a repeat tomorrow!!!

Friday Foto: Dang, I Clean Up Good!

Well, greetings from Atlanta and the 2013 Romance Writers of America National Conference! I am so happy to be here! Not only is this the one week all year that I am with thousands of other women who think it is perfectly normal to have talk to the people in their heads, but Atlanta holds a special place in my heart. The first book in my Oswald’s Corner Romance Club series is set in Georgia, both in my fictional town of Oswald’s Corner (Pop. 9,242) and in the real “Big Peach.”

And since I am determined that this is the year the Ladies of Oswald’s Corner find their way into hard print, I went all out and signed up to have my author’s head shot made at RWA this year. And, my darlings, Crissy and Damon of Studio Sixteen did a lovely job! I’m not sure it looks like me, exactly — but it looks like I want to look, so that is even better.

Let me know what you think — Given the raw material they had to start with, I think it’s a masterpiece!


Friday Foto: Andrea Kicks Off the Season

And it will be fine with me if she’s the only one we get.



Friday Foto:Save the Blue Angels!


Friday Foto: Springtime Down South

My Momma loved the Japanese Magnolia we had in our side yard.


Friday Foto: Gone Fishin’


Friday Foto: The Pensacola Beach Sign

Gaudy, yet classic.


Friday Foto: Tom Hiddleston

Happy Friday, my lovelies! I’m plotting a new novel (so I can send the synopsis to MY AGENT!!!) and I found this picture while Bridget my muse and I were wandering the net looking for inspiration. Can we agree that he would be great as the smart-ass attorney who steals my heroine’s heart with his really incredible kissing skills? Yeah, I thought so, too.


Friday Foto: Welcome to the Varsity, What’ll Ya Have?

I love this place almost as much as my heroine, Cassie, does . . . .


Friday Foto – The Plaza, NYC

The setting for part of my latest book, Holding Out For a Hero: